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Kafka SHorts
String Quartet and 2 actors


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
My Life with Pablo Neruda (I Confess, I Have Lived) 2 hrs

Pocket Opera-Cabaret in 4 Acts
mezzo-sop., ten., vln., clar., vcl., synthesizer
Note:Recordings are from two sorkshop productions and are with piano

The opera may be done in either English or Spanish. Text is by Pablo Neruda with additional text by Ray Luedeke


1. Stand up

2. Sonnet XCIV
3. Before that day
4. Sonnet LXXVI
5. When I first
Act I
1. Flowng

2. I have no
3. Sonnet XI
4. I never saw
5. Sonnet XV
6. Sonnet VII
7. Pablo said
8. Sonnet I
9. How often
10. Sonnet XII
11. Cover the
12. Sonnet XX
13. Love?
14. Sonnet XXVII
15. Delia is
16. The Queen
17. Who doesn't
18. The Queen ctd.
19. The Queen ctd. 2
Entr'acte I
Act II
1.Love, we're going

2. Sonnet XXXV
3. Sonnet XXXVIII
4. Sonnet XL
5. Sonnet XLI
6. I hunt for you
7. Widower's Tango
8. Matilde, you will know
9. Sonnet XLV
10. The Dream
Entr'acte 2
1. Alla Marcia

2. Sonnet LV
3. La Arena
4. La Palmatoria
5. Flor Azul
6. Sonnet LXV
7. Today in
8. Sonnet LXVI
9. Salvador
10. Sonnet LXIX
11. Another strike
12. Pablo
13. Sonnet LXXXVIII
Entr'acte 3 Funeral Cortege
Act IV
1. Sonnet LXXIX

2. They killed
3. Sonnet LXXX
4. Friends
5. Sonnet LXXXII
6. When I die
7. Sonnet XCV
8. Loneliness
9. Sonnet C

Viva Pablo Neruda at the Flamboy√°n Theater

Sonnet LXXVI (Diego Rivera)

Love? Love is a swamp

Widower's Tango

A Campaign Stop

My Ugly My Beauty Sonnet XX

Soneto LXVI i don't love you

Soneto LXV Matilde (in Spanish)

The Funeral Cortege of Pablo Neruda

Sonnet LXXIX (at NOTL)

Sonnet LXVI (at NOTL)

Widower's Tango (at NOTL)

Selections from NOTL

My Life with Pablo Neruda (I Confess, I Have Lived)

Excerpts with piano accompanimnet
1. Sonnet I (Span.)
2. Sonnet LXV (Span.)
3. Sonnet XII (Eng.)
4. Widower's Tango
5. Sonnet LXVI (Eng.)
6. Excerpt from Act I (Eng.)
Butterfly's Trouble 2 hrs

re-invention of Puccini's Madama Butterfly
for Pocket Opera-Cabaret
sop., ten., actor
vln., clar., vcl., synth.
Note: This is a pocket opera adaptation of the Puccini opera.


Butterfly's Trouble Promotional Video

Butterfly's Trouble Act II Part 1a

Butterfly's Trouble Act II Part 1b

Butterfly's Trouble Act II Part 2

NYC Selections

KWCMS Selections

Butterfly's Trouble  


1. Beginning of Act I
2. Middle of Act I
3 End Act I
4. un bel di
The Pocket Madama Butterfly (Jarek Obsadny promotional video)  
The Magical Singing Drum 1 hr.

pocket opera-cabaret
on an African story
Using a traditional story from l Africa, composer Ray Luedeke, and Joseph Ashong, master drummer from Ghana, have woven together elements of traditional African music and dance with more contemporary sounds to create a unique blend that will delight audiences of all ages.
Cast and Instrumentation

1. Beginning through Kpanlogo
(Cast 1)

2. Kpanlogo to Finale (Cast 2)
Wild Flowers 2 hr.
Chamber Opera in 2 Acts on a Grimm Brothers story
Wild Flowers, with music by Ray Luedeke and a libretto by Sean Dixon, is a 2 act chamber opera based on the Grimm Brothers story Iron Hans. Featuring a "Wild Man" and a Prince and a Princess, the story is a magical evocation of what it means to "grow up." With an important role for a children's chorus, the cast includes a solo boy soprano and parts for 4 adult soloists: soprano, tenor, baritone, and bass. The orchestration is for 9 players.

flute/ oboe-Eng. Hn./ horn / 1 perc. / piano / violin / viola / cello / DB
Close Embrace
a tango cabaret
2 hrs.

baritone (master of ceremonies),
2 dancers, accordion, violin, viola, cello

The complete cabaret show has four sections:
1. The Heart and Soul of Tango
2. Tango Dreams
3. The History of Tango
4. a tango lesson

From Close Embrace:
The Heart and Soul of Tango
1. Mi Buenos Aires
2. La Cumparsita
3. Sur
4. Desde el Alma
5. Milonga de mis amores
6. Vieja Recova
7. Liber Tango

Tango Dreams (Joseph Petric and the Adaskin Trio)

Selections from Blind River


Vieja Recova

Mi Noche Triste

Mi Buenos Aires Querido

Tango Dreams

Garbage Delight 45'
or 30"

Saxophone Quintet (the players also narrate): soprano, alto, tenor, baritone,
bass (or string double bass), 2 mimes (optional)

Note:Garbage Delight may be done as a theatre piece, with staging and with 2 mimes, or as a concert piece without staging or mimes. If done as music theatre, there is "traveling music" to cover happenings on stage.

1. Prelude
2. The Aminals
3. Suzy Grew a Moustache
4. The Big Blue Frog
5.. The Coming of Teddy Bears
6. I Eat Kids
7. I Have Your Father's Eyes
8. The Secret Song
9. Garbage Delight
10. Finale
Oscar Excerpts 15' Sop., ten., bar., bass
Note: Excerpts from a proposed opera on the trial of Oscar Wilde and The Picture of Dorian Gray
Excerpt 1
Excerpt 2
Excerpt 3
Excerpt 4
Excerpt 5
Excerpt 6